Our Family Heritage

Wishome villas are part of our family heritage. We share them with special guests who become part of our “Wishome families”. Each of our homes has its own name, character, personality and distinct identity.

Our villas are versatile, we create homes no matter the size of the family. We want to accommodate both large and small families and therefore we have created the concept of Wishome capacity as the number of guests so that our home is always welcoming, regardless of the maximum capacity of the villa. Comfort regardless of occupancy.


La Península
  La Península

Villa with swimming pool by the sea with photographic views

7 bedrooms· 6  baths · 8 to 21 guests

Rumoroso desde el cielo

Spectacular fairy tale house on the beach in Oyambre

4 bedrooms · 4 baths ·  5 to 8 guests.

LA Gaviota en Oyambre
  La Gaviota

Villa with private access to Oyambre beach

8 bedrooms · 8 baths · 8 to  32 guests. 

Nadar con vistas en la Ballena
  La Ballena

Villa by the sea with swimming pool five minutes walking distance from Comillas

7 bedrooms · 4 baths · 8 to 28 guests.

Villa Evarista, Prellezo
  Villa Evarista

Villa with heated swimming pool and
 sea views

7 bedrooms · 7 baths · 8 to 18 guests.

Cala Berellín
  Cala Berellín

House with swimming pool five walking minutes from cala Berellín

5 bedrooms · 4 baths · 6 to 16 guests.

La Cuadra
  La Cuadra

Newly restored farmhouse with swimming pool at ten minutes from the beach.

6 bedrooms · 5 baths · 8 to 20 guests.

Bonita del Norte
  Bonita del Norte

Restored house with swimming pool at 10 minutes from the beach.

6 bedrooms · 6 baths · 8 to 19 guests.


Descansar en Finca Guadyerbas
  Finca Guadyerbas

Villa with swimmingpool by the countryside

5 bedrooms · 3 baths · 8 to 14 guests.

Venta Viñas
  Venta Viñas

Restored farmhouse with swimming pool

5 bedrooms · 4 baths · 6 to 14 guests.

Prado de San Benito
  Prado San Benito

Country house with swimming pool

4 bedrooms · 3 baths· 6 to 12 guests.


La Casa del Zurdo en Alicante
  La Casa del Zurdo

Villa sorounded by palm trees with swimming pool

5 bedrooms · 3 baths · 8 to 17 guests.


Pintor Rosales, Madrid
  Pintor Rosales

Luxury flat in Madrid center overlooking Parque del Oeste

6 bedrooms · 5 baths · 10 guests.

Bernabéu - Ático con vistas en Madrid

Penthouse with views over the skyline of Madrid in Bernabéu

2 bedrooms · 2 baths · 4 guests.